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Architecting Multi-site Episerver Solutions

on September 28, 2018 in Episerver, Optimizely, Multi-site, Architecture, Development with

You may be aware that Episerver is a powerful platform that can be used for more than just a single website. You can utilize the underlying functionality of the platform to handle large-scale management of multiple websites in one single environment. Editors can share content throughout multiple sites, administrators can quickly launch new sites, and developers can work with one code base and database, making the sites easier to maintain.

Let's focus on the development of these multi-site Episerver solutions. How do you actually architect and develop these solutions? If you've ever tried to search for Episerver's best practices around this topic, you'll likely come up short. Sure, there's some documentation on Episerver World, but the documentation doesn't really provide any good guidelines or starting points. That's really because there's no correct way to do it. The Episerver platform doesn't force development teams to use any specific conventions when developing the multi-site solution.

So in this post, I want deep-dive into this topic to provide some considerations and approaches that you should think about before starting development on your next multi-site Episerver solution.

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