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Working with Localization and Language Branches in EPiServer 7 MVC

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One powerful feature that EPiServer 7 provides is the localization of page content and the creation of language branches for your site, which allows you to create a multi-language, international site without the need for a huge amount of work. In this post, we’ll look at how to configure, utilize, and develop for localization in EPiServer 7.

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Creating a XForm Block in EPiServer 7 MVC with Working Validation (Updated)

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I initially posted this solution on the Nansen blog, but since then the code has been updated for both bug fixes and to reduce unnecessary layers (at least, unnecessary for my situation).

With the flexibility that block types offer in EPiServer 7, it would make sense that one common feature that people would want is an XForm in a block, so editors can freely add, move, and reuse blocks with forms around their website. In a recent project, this was one of my requirements.

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